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Senate Kills SB 175 Governors Tax Plan

07 Mar 2017 8:57 PM | Anonymous


Senators defeated SB 175 today by voting 37-1 to strike the enacting clause of the bill.  After a little more than 2 hours debate on the various sections of the bill, Senator Pyle offered the motion to strike the enacting clause - which has the effect of defeating the legislation.

A motion by Senator Francisco was adopted to allow the deduction of losses from sources of passive income - such as rental properties or royalties.  Then, Senator Suellentrop made a motion to divide the bill -  which required senators to vote on each section of the bill.  After most of the sections had been voted down, the Pyle motion had the effect of ending the debate and killing the bill.

Senator Masterson called it a "colossal waste of time".

Senate leadership indicated that the Governor had requested a hearing for his bill and that was the point of the Senate debate.  


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