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Important: Update on Uncork and 3.2 Issue - Teleconference

03 Apr 2017 12:59 PM | Anonymous

Updated information:  Uncork has signed off on the committee questions, will speak for the committee record and agree to the ten year moratorium.  Bill would include a market impact report from the Division of ABC in ten years and the Uncork members would respond to the following question - or something similar:

“Do the members of Uncork believe this is a reasonable time frame to allow for the impact of this law on all licensees to be measured before the Legislature considers additional, substantive changes to state law regarding where alcohol products are offered for sale?”

Implementation date would be April 1, 2019 - instead of January 1.

Proposal would allow CMB retailers to sell up to beer that is 6.0 alcohol by volume and allow liquor stores to sell cereal malt beverages.

Liquor stores could sell other products up to 20% of gross sales.  Could sell lottery and tobacco, but lottery and tobacco sales would not be part of the 20% limitation.

  • Rules and regulations amended to apply price nondiscrimination rules across licenses (i.e. for CMB and liquor retailers).
  • Division of ABC will have authority to implement rules and enforce them in CMB outlets.
  • No CMB retailer could sell for less than acquisition cost plus applicable tax except as otherwise provided by law and rules.
  • Distributors request provision to establish minimum order quantities by case or dollar value.
  • Distributors request provision to grandfather CMB and strong beer franchises as of January 1, 2017.
  • Wine is removed from the legislation.

The discussions have been directed and facilitated by the Speaker of the House and the House Commerce Committee Chairman.  

The House Committee on Commerce Labor and Industry is likely to meet in the next couple of days to discuss the proposal.  

The Board of Directors will vote on the issue this afternoon.  


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