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Unofficial Election Results for Kansas Statewide Races

09 Nov 2016 3:08 AM | Anonymous

Unofficial Election Results for Kansas statewide races:          

(At this time, there are still precincts that are not recorded, so these are unofficial results.)

The changes that began in the primary elections have carried over to the general election, although Democrats did not experience as many wins in the Senate as some had predicted. As of the results around 2:30 a.m., Democrats picked up one seat in the Senate – Lynn Rogers has won the district held by retiring Senator Michael O’Donnell (R-Wichita).  Two others appear very close with some precincts not final – Denning and Pilcher-Cook.

Democrats appear to have gained 14 seats in the House of Representatives – better than predicted. If the numbers hold, there will be additional Democrats on each House committee.


Senator Dennis Pyle (R) retains his seat, winning over Rep.Jerry Henry

Senator Marci Francisco (D) retains her seat, winning over Meredith Richey

Senator Tom Holland (D) retains his seat, winning over Echo Van Meteren by only 2%

Senator Steve Fitzgerald (D) retains his seat, winning overBill Hutton by only 2%

Senator Pat Pettey (D) retains her seat, winning over Libertarian Jason Conley

Senator Barbara Bollier (R) wins over Megan England.  Bollier is currently a Representative

Senator Jim Denning (R) leading vs. Don McGuire to keep his seat in a close challenge

Senator Julia Lynn (R) retains her seat, winning over Chris Morrow

Senator Mary Pilcher Cook (R) leading to retain her seat vs. Vicki Hiatt in a close race

John Skubal (R) defeats Skip Fannen

Senator Caryn Tyson (R) retains her seat, defeating Christopher Johnston

Senator Jake LaTurner (R) retains his seat, defeating Lynn Grant

Bruce Givens (R) defeats Mark Pringle

Dan Goddard (R) defeats Chuck Schmidt

Senator Ty Masterson (R) retains his seat, defeating Gabriel Costilla

Senator Jeff Longbine (R) retains his seat, defeating Susan Fowler

Senator Laura Kelly (D) retains her seat, defeating a close challenge by former senator Dave Jackson (4%)

Senator Anthony Hensley (D) retains his seat, defeating Zach Haney

Senator Vicki Schmidt (R) retains her seat, winning over Candace Ayars

Dinah Sykes (R) hangs on to win over Heley and Kerner.  She defeated Senator Smith in the primary.

Senator Rob Olson (R) retains his seat, winning over Spencer Kerfoot

Randall R. Hardy (R) defeats Donald R. Merriman

Lynn W. Rogers (D) defeats Jim Price

Senator Dan Kerschen (R) retains his seat, winning over Benjamin Poteete

Rep. Gene Suellentrop (R) wins his race over Tony Hunter and will move from the House to the Senate.

Senator Mike Petersen (R) retains his seat in a race that looked very close early in the evening, defeating Keith Humphrey by 4%

Senator Susan Wagle (R) retains her seat, winning over Anabel Larumbe

Senator Carolyn McGinn (R) retains her seat, defeating J.Michelle Vann

Larry W. Alley (R) retains her seat, defeating Don Shimkus

Mary Jo Taylor (R) defeats Matt Bristow

Edward E. Berger (R) defeats Homer L. Gilson

Senator Richard Wilborn (R) retains his seat, defeating Levi Morris

Senator Elaine Bowers (R) retains his seat, defeating Brian Angevine

Senator Molly Baumgardner (R) retains her seat, defeating Kevin King

Rep. Bud Estes (R) defeats Miguel Angel Rodriguez.  Estes is currently in the House of Representatives.

Rep. John Doll (R) defeats A. Zacheriah Worf.  Doll is currently in the House of Representatives.

Rep. Rick Billinger (R) defeats Alex Herman.  Billinger is currently in the House of Representatives.


Dist. 3    Monica Murnan (D) defeats Rep. Chuck Smith (R)

Dist. 5    Rep. Kevin Jones (R) beats Doug Walker

Dist. 6    Rep. Jene Vickrey (R) defeats Christy Levings

Dist. 8    Patty Markley (R) defeats Ben Chociej

Dist. 9    Rep. Kent Thompson (R) defeats Patrick McMurray (L)

Dist. 12 Doug Blex (R)defeats Jean Kurtis Schodorf

Dist. 14 Rep. Keith Esau (R) defeats Merlin Ring  ??

Dist. 15 Erin Davis (R) defeats R. Paul McCorkle

Dist. 16 Cindy Holscher (D) defeats current Rep. Amanda Grosserode (R) 

Dist. 17 Tom Cox (R) defeats Helen Stoll

Dist. 18 Cindy Neighbor(D) defeats Eric Jenkins.  Neighbor is a former Representative.

Dist. 19 Rep. Stephanie Clayton (R) defeats Elizabeth Meitl and John Taube

Dist. 20 Jan Kessinger (R)defeats Chirstopher McQueeny

Dist. 21 Jerry Stogsdill (D) defeats Dorothy Hughes

Dist. 23 Rep. Linda Gallagher (R) defeats Amber Versola

Dist. 24 Rep. Jarrod Ousley (R) defeats Rob Johnson

Dist. 25 Rep. Melissa Rooker (R) defeats Matt McCann

Dist. 26 Rep. Larry Campbell (R) defeats Cheron Tiffany

Dist. 27 Sean Tarwater Sr. (R) defeats Larry Miller

Dist. 29 Brett Parker (D) defeats Rep. James Eric Todd

Dist. 30 Rep. Randy Powell (R) defeats Darla Graham

Dist. 36 Rep. Kathy Wolfe-Moore (D) defeats Kevin Braun

Dist. 38 Rep. Willie Dove (R) defeats Mike Fonkert and Frederick Caleb Cristopher

Dist. 39 Shelee Brim (R) defeats Angeliina Lawson

Dist. 40 Debbie Deere (D) defeats Rep. John Bradford(R)

Dist. 41 Jeff Pittman (D)defeats Rep. Tony Barton(R)

Dist. 42 Jim Karleskint (R) defeats Kara Reed

Dist. 44 Rep. Barbara Ballard (D) defeats Michael Lindsey

Dist. 45 Rep. Tom Sloan (R) defeats Terry Manies

Dist. 47 Ronald Ellis (R)defeats Michael Caddell

Dist. 48 Rep. Marvin Kleeb (R) defeats Sandy Ackerson

Dist. 49 Rep. Scott Schwab (R) defeats Darnell Hunt

Dist. 50 Rep. Fred Patton (R) defeats Chris Huntsman

Dist. 51 Rep. Ron Highland (R) defeats Adrienne Olejnik

Dist. 53 Jim Gartner (D)defeats Richard Kress

Dist. 54 Rep. Ken Corbet (R) wins over Renae Hansen

Dist. 56 Virgil Weigel (D)takes back his former House seat from Rep. Lane Hemsley

Dist. 60 Mark Schreiber(R) defeats William Ballard

Dist. 61 Francis Awerkamp (R) defeats Lauren Van Wagoner

Dist. 63 John Eplee (R)defeats W. Brett Neibling

Dist. 66 Rep. Sydney Carlin (R) defeats Stanley Hoerman

Dist. 68 Dave Baker (R)defeats Laura Blevins

Dist. 69 Rep. J.R. Claeys (R) defeats Gerrett Morris by a narrow margin – 163 votes

Dist. 70 Rep. John Barker (R) defeats Jo Schwartz

Dist. 71 Rep. Diana Dierks (R) defeats Jeffrey Zamrzla and Joey Frazier

Dist. 72 Tim Hodge (D) defeats Rep. Marc Rhoades by 2% - 220 votes

Dist. 73 Rep. Les Mason (R) defeats Terrance Krier

Dist. 76 Eric Smith (R) defeats Teresa Briggs

Dist. 78 Rep. Ron Ryckman (R) defeats Jason Darby

Dist. 80 Anita Judd-Jenkins (R) defeats Michelle Schiltz

Dist. 81 Rep. Blake Carpenter (R) defeats James McCluer

Dist. 82 Rep. Pete DeGraaf (R) defeats Danette Harris

Dist. 83 Rep. Henry Helgerson (D) defeats M. Lewis Ackerman

Dist. 85 Rep. Chuck Weber (R) defeats Patty Beamer

Dist. 86 Rep. Jim Ward (D)defeats Christopher Drake and James Pruden

Dist. 87 Roger Elliott (R)defeats Tonya Howard and Marco Giorgi

Dist. 88 Elizabeth Bishop (D) beats Rep. Joseph Scapa (R)

Dist. 90 Rep. Steve Huebert (R) defeats Lou Cicirello

Dist. 93 Rep. John Whitmer (R) defeats Deb Shepard

Dist. 94 Leo Delperdang (R) defeats Susan K. Osborne

Dist. 95 Rep. Tom Sawyer (D) wins a close race over Michael Capps

Dist. 97 Rep. Les Osterman (R) defeats Stan Reeser

Dist. 98 Steven Crum (D) defeats Rep. Steven Anthimedes. 

Dist. 100 Rep. Dan Hawkins (R) defeats Glen Shafer

Dist. 101 Rep. Joe Seiwert (R) defeats Clifton Beck

Dist. 102 Patsy Terrell (D) defeats Rep. Jan Pauls (R)

Dist. 104 Rep. Steven Becker (R) defeats Betty Taylor

Dist. 105 Brenda Landwehr (R) defeats Cammie Funston.  Landwehr is a former legislator.

Dist. 106 Clay Aurand (R) defeats Todd Frye.  Aurand is a former legislator.

Dist. 108 Rep. Steven Johnson (R) defeats Kelley Menke

Dist. 111 Eber Phelps (D) former Representative – defeats Rep.Sue Boldra to take back the seat.

Dist. 116 Rep. Kyle Hoffman (R) defeats Jolene Roitman

Dist. 119 Bradley Ralph defeats Daniel Love

Dist. 120 Adam Smith (R) defeats Bonita Peterson

Dist. 121 Rep. Mike Kiegerl (R) defeats Jason Graff


The 45th President is Donald J. Trump (R)

Senator Jerry Moran (R) retains his U.S. Senate seat over Wiesner and Garrard.

Roger Marshall (R) wins U.S. House District 1 over LaPolice and Burt.  Defeated Huelskamp in primary.

Representative Lynn Jenkins (R) retains her U.S. House District 2 position over Potter and Bales.

Representative Kevin Yoder (R) retains U.S. House District 3, over Sidie and Hohe in the closest U.S. House race in KS.

Representative Michael Pompeo (R) retains U.S. House District 4, over Giroux, Allen and Bakken.

It appears that all of the Supreme Court Justices have retained their judicial positions in spite of an aggressive campaign to kick out at least four of them.

And finally – the constitutional amendment to protect hunting and fishing rights passed handily.

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