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Uncork Proposed Big Box Buy-in to Kansas Liquor System

28 Apr 2016 1:47 PM | Anonymous

Friday, April 29 2016 - Uncork is proposing to buy into the Kansas liquor system and destroy hundreds of businesses and jobs currently occupied by Kansas taxpayers who are already paying property taxes, payroll taxes, income taxes and liquor taxes.

Their inflated numbers pretend that there is no cost to their proposal and that liquor deregulation will sell more alcohol in Kansas.  They claim it could bring back liquor sales from Missouri, although the sales tax on groceries is lower in Missouri, the tax on alcoholic liquor is lower in Missouri, and the tax on fuel is lower in Missouri.

Meanwhile, putting strong beer, wine and spirits into the big box stores will put liquor at the hands of underage workers and customers.

The Legislature would need to create and adopt legislation in order for this to happen.  Currently, legislative leaders are pushing to end the 2016 Session as quickly as possible - with conference committees meeting multiple times a day to wrap up legislation that has already passed one chamber or another and leaders attempting to craft a palatable budget fix. 

One time money for liquor deregulation is a cynical response to a serious State budget issue. 

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