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Will the 2016 Legislature Consider Uncork Legislation?

18 Jan 2016 7:42 PM | Anonymous

As liquor store owners, we know that our businesses require hard work.  This is true for day to day sales in our stores and it is true for maintaining a market structure where Kansas owned small businesses can continue to succeed.  Kansas liquor retailers have proven they have what it takes to stand up to Uncork Kansas in the Statehouse in Topeka.  Uncork Kansas has more lobbyists and more money, but their legislation – House Bill 2200 – was not successful in 2015.  Why?  KABR is working with small and large retailers to promote truth and fairness for Kansas small businesses against intimidating odds.  We work with our partners – Keep Kansans in Business, KS Wine and Spirits Wholesalers Association and the Kansas Association for Responsible Liquor Laws to keep legislators informed.

While the 2016 Session has had a slow start - Uncork says they will push their agenda again this year.  HB 2200 remains on House general orders and could be pulled up for floor debate any time. 

In 2015, there were three proposals by the grocery stores and convenience stores Uncork coalition to sell strong beer, wine and spirits.  A Single Strength Beer amendment was defeated by the Senate on a vote of 11 to 26 on May 14th.  In the House of Representatives, HB 2200 passed committee but was left “below the line”, never seeing floor action.  It is still alive in 2016. 

KABR has been very successful in recent years, but we need your participation!  We need your action to continue to win.  We need your input in order to speak accurately on behalf of Kansas retailers and we need your membership dues to sustain these efforts.

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