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Liquor Omnibus Bill passed by Legislature - Senate Sub for HB 2223 includes 17 Distinct Liquor Policies

30 May 2015 4:41 PM | Anonymous

The Conference Committee Report on HB 2223 includes 17 distinct liquor policies  

In a pattern that has become commonplace in recent years, the House and Senate Federal and State Affairs combined HB 2223 and HB 2331 into a large conference committee report covering issues ranging from distributors sampling to retailers through farm winery farmer's market permits.  Click HERE to see a chart of the issues that were passed in the conference committee report.

Most of the issues, including enforcement procedures requested by ABC, had been combined into two House bills during the regular session in order to facilitate their passing even while leadership was trying to decide what to do with Uncork legislation.   Two controversial measures were amended into the bills by the Senate in May - allowing self-service wine dispensers (requested by the Kansas Star Casino) and allowing the Legislative Coordinating Council to permit liquor to be served in the Capitol at official state functions.

The report has yet to be signed by the Governor.  KABR will discuss the issues in detail at our Monday teleconference - see above.  

With the major liquor policies of the session now resolved - it is unlikely any other liquor issues will be considered.  This leaves HB 2200 - the county option Big Box Liquor bill -  "below the line" in the House of Representatives, and while it certainly could receive a vote - it probably won't.

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