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Uncork Bill Introduced

28 Jan 2015 4:35 PM | Anonymous

Uncork introduced their bill in the House Federal and State Affairs Committee on Wednesday.  UnCork Chairman David Dillon requested the introduction of a bill that would allow grocery stores to sell full-strength beer, wine and spirits; capping liquor licenses in the state.  The bill allows convenience stores to sell full-strength beer.   Uncork Kansas has refocused their campaign to convince legislators that this is a consumer movement, that they are working on behalf of their (Dillons) customers and voters of Kansas.

We have obtained a copy of the bill – see attached document.  The bill has not yet been published or numbered.  Hearings are expected the second week of February.

David Dillon has been meeting with numerous legislators in groups and individually.  On Kansas Day, Dillons managers were in the building meeting with legislators, as well.  We are hearing rumors that some House leaders are very interested in pushing this bill forward.  Terry Bruce, Senate Majority Leader, is quoted in the UnCork press release about the bill introduction (read here).  And a liquor store owner from Manhattan has accompanied UnCork representatives meeting with legislators to share his interest in seeing the bill passed in order to provide a market in which he could sell his store.  The first three weeks of the session have revealed an aggressive public relations and lobbying effort by the UnCork Coalition.  

It is imperative that Kansas retailers carry the message of Kansas independent businesses to their legislators immediately.  Ask what they are hearing and where they stand on the bill this year.  Create an open conversation where your legislator can keep you informed what is happening in Topeka and you can be a resource on this issue and the many liquor bills that are rolling out this year. 

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