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The Kansas Legislature Rejected Uncork in 2014 Help Us Say Thank You

21 Jul 2014 3:57 PM | Anonymous

It is officially election season in Kansas again, with the House of Representatives up for election, and all statewide offices as well as congressional representation.  State Senators get to wait until 2016, unless the seat has opened up for one reason or another.  As much as we would all like to sit back and watch politics from a distance, we will have to be active over the next few months. 

How?  Support those who support you.  Plan now to be involved!  Find out who is running and where they stand.  Talk to the candidates directly.  Make a decision today how much money you can contribute, where you can post signs, and watch for public forums to attend. 

The Uncork / Big Box Liquor Bill was stalled in House committee again this year, showing no new progress.  But the committee was closely divided.  Some statehouse observers think this could be the election that will tilt the balance in the House of Representatives (or just the committee) to be more favorable to liquor deregulation.  The Uncork group continues to repeat their mantra that “it is going to happen eventually”, and some people believe that.  Kansas retailers must decide today to be active supporters of the policymakers who support our Kansas owned small businesses.  Certainly, the Big Box group will be working to influence candidates in their favor. 

When it comes to contributing to candidates, we encourage you to support your local candidates first.  We will also pass on information to you regarding key state legislators who have chosen to stand up against the heavy pressure to expand liquor sales put forward from the corporate interests in the Capitol. 

Please let us know when you participate by emailing campbell525@sbcglobal.net  That way we can know if we are getting a response.

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