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HB 2223 Amends Liquor Control Act

21 Apr 2014 11:25 AM | Anonymous

The Governor signed HB 2223 April 18.  

HB 2223 began in the House of Representatives as the Homebrewer’s Bill, and was amended by the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee on March 20 to become the 2014 “micro-mega liquor bill”.  This bill includes the few Liquor Control Act items that have been headed for passage this session.  The bill legalizes sharing homemade beer with personal guests and judges at a competition - as long as there are no sales of the home brewed product.

The bill includes the contents of SB 346, a bill requested by Kansas Microbreweries to raise their annual production cap from 15,000 barrels to 30,000 barrels.

Additionally, a clause to amend the citizenship requirement for liquor licenses was added.  The House Federal and State Affairs Committee held hearings on this issue and adopted the change in HB 2196 and added it to SB 346 as well.  Current law requires applicants for all forms of liquor licenses to be a U.S. citizen for ten years.  Applicants may now qualify if they are currently a U.S. citizen.

Finally, the Senate Federal and State Affairs added a section to clarify that Kansas farm wineries are permitted to participate in consumer tastings at liquor stores as a supplier.

Because HB 2223 has passed the House and the Senate, it is now eligible for conference committee between representatives of the House and Senate Federal and State Affairs committees. The House could also choose to simply concur with the Senate amendment to HB 2223 and the bill would be adopted.

With its passage, it is no longer necessary for the full House of Representatives to debate SB 346 or HB 2196.  Members may remember that House Federal and State Affairs adopted a bill February 14 (HB 2196) that reduces the current 10 year citizenship rule for licensing to simply being a U.S. citizen.  2196 also includes the amendment to open up retailer licenses to unlimited numbers.

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