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Debate on Substitute Big Box Liquor Bill to continue March 25

24 Mar 2014 10:38 PM | Anonymous

The House Commerce Committee Chair, Rep. Marvin Kleeb, has indicated that his committee is likely to finish its debate on HB 2556 on Tuesday, March 25.  The Committee typically meets at 1:30 p.m.  The Legislature has now passed the deadline for committees to work bills - but HB 2556 is an exempt bill.

Read the substitute proposal for HB 2556 here.

(March 19)  The Commerce Committee received copies of the new substitute bill as proposed by Chairman Marvin Kleeb - March 6.  The Committee debated the substitute proposal on Wednesday, March 19, then ran out of time before considering other amendments.  Click here for the notes of the full discussion.

It is a very different bill, with some interesting new elements - including wine licenses, strong beer licenses, a temporary cap on full liquor sales licenses and license perimeter restrictions.  Amy Campbell, KABR lobbyist, was asked to speak briefly to the committee - commending the new proposal for attempting to create a ten year transition and a true effort to create some value for the current Kansas retailers' investments.   None of the original Uncork bills have included these measures as advertised.  She also expressed concern about where the proposal comes up short.  The committee discussion highlighted a great deal of confusion.  

Tom Palace, Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores Association, spoke for the Uncork Coalition.

The debate was nearly sidetracked when the Vice Chair made a motion to adopt the proposed substitute language.  It nearly failed, with a tie vote at 7-7.  The Chairman had to break the tie, voting yes. 

(NOTE:  This is typically just a procedural vote to allow for debate, but committee members seemed to see this as a chance to avoid further work on this bill and attempted to deny the motion.  One committee member had left the room at that point.)

The Committee skipped its announced hearing on SB 203 from 2013. (Link to SB 203) That bill includes provisions that were passed in 2013, and also has a citizenship section.   As a senate bill, it is an attractive vehicle for anything the House might like to pass and potentially bypass Senate committee consideration.

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